No Sugar! Shouldn’t that be easy for a TotalHealth Coach?

I wanted to start this blog on Saturday, May 31st, because that was officially DAY ONE, but I ended up spending the weekend away from the computer. So, here I am, DAY THREE!!!!!!!

Let me backtrack a little. I used to have this no sugar thing down. I did not eat desserts, candy, or any of those things! Then, suddenly, the last few years, I have let these foods creep into my diet. I still exercise, I still keep my weight down, but I don’t like how eating these foods make me feel.

I don’t like the vitamin draining, energy-zapping, white flour and sugar in my diet! Even though I know I still eat a super healthy diet of lots of fruits, vegetables and plenty of good proteins (I am a vegetarian), I don’t like the sugar and white flour addition to the diet.

I have decided it has to stop.

My sister, Cindy, who lives in Michigan and is my VERY GOOD BUDDY, is going to do this with me. We will hold each other accountable and compare notes.

We both know we feel better when sugar and white flour are not in our diets. We both know it helps keep the weight in control.

We both have a couple items that may stay on our list of acceptable foods:

I will still eat fruit, yogurt, and certain health food bars. (I will watch the sugar amts, but I do use these for protein and when I am a little hurried.) I will not allow myself candy, cookies, etc. (Yes, this Health Coach does indulge, and lately, a little too often!)

Cindy says a dangerous thing for her is the vitamin water with sugar. I will keep you posted on her “allowables.”

I work with clients on allowing themselves to have treats in their diets. I have helped clients find a way to eat chocolate in a healthy way, and I have encouraged them to find a way that they can be healthy, happy eaters for life.

All that being said, I still want to try this. For me, sugar doesn’t work, unless it is in fruit or is another natural sweetener. I know I have more energy and feel better when I keep certain junk out of my diet.

The reason I want to write this in my blog is so all of you will know that I, too, have food issues. I, too, have to work on things, try new ways and evaluate my diet.

I have a feeling this will not be easy. Last night, I really wanted sweets and I realized it was because I was tired. I ate an entire cantaloupe (yes, the whole thing!) and went to bed.

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