Day 4, The No Sugar Journey

Actually, sugar is in so many things, I guess we cannot say that we are totally eliminating it.  I already listed the obvious items that I would allow with sugar–yogurt, health food bars, etc.  But yesterday, I realized that I had sugar in salad dressing and I am sure I am forgetting some other items. Oh Well.  It’s not about perfection.

I try not to have the sweets in the house.  But with kids, I have always had a problem with totally eliminating cookies and treats in the cupboard. Plus, I love to bake cookies.  A few years ago, alright, more than a few years ago, when the kids were really young, I tried baking “healthier” cookies.  They just didn’t make it.  They weren’t good.  So, my compromise was this:  I will still bake with the butter, the white flour (I slide in a little whole wheat to make myself feel better), and the sugar, and I just won’t do it very often. Then I just have to resist.  It’s balance and harmony I am looking for–not perfection!

Cindy found a candy bar in her office yesterday, and had to take the wrapper off and run with it to the wastebasket.  We do what we have to.  She told me some of her sugar “exceptions”:  Chocolate Soy milk, Zone bars (15g of sugar) and she drinks Kefir. (Note to self: Ask Cindy what Kefir is)

We both have been eating a lot of fruit.  Gotta get that sugar in somehow!  I ate more than my usual amount of bananas yesterday (and I eat a lot of bananas!) and plan on buying pineapple today.  That is very sweet and always a good fruit to have around.

So far, not too tough.  I haven’t gotten cranky with the family. Yet.

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