Sugar Deprivation, Day 6

The habit of eating things with sugar is a a strong one. Watching a movie with my daughter last night, I reached into her bowl of teeny jelly beans, and without a second thought, picked out three green ones and popped them in my mouth! AAAKKKK! I wasn’t supposed to eat that!

Rachel said, “Well, at least you can write about it in your blog!” So much of what we do is habit. Three little jelly beans would not make me gain weight. It would however have an affect on my B vitamins, where I get my energy.

The body reacts more quickly to the presence of sugar than it does to the presence of complex carbohydrates. The increase in energy supplied by the simple carbohydrates, sugars, is quickly followed by fatigue and depression.

In reference to yesterday’s comment of mine about artificial sweeteners, know this: aspartame (found in Nutrasweet, Equal and other products) can possibly block the formation of serotonin (Oh no, the feel good “thing”!)and cause headaches, insomnia, and depression is individuals who are already serotonin deprived. (Very important information if you have any tendencies toward depression.)

Note: Stevia, a concentrated natural sweetener derived from a South American shrub, does not have the same effect on the body as sugar, and does not have the side effects of artificial sugar substitutes. (Prescription for Nutritional Healing, 4th ed.)

Cindy is hanging in there, slightly cranky that we have made ourselves accountable by the fact that I am blogging about this. 🙂  She ran to the computer to tell me today, that she thinks the Zone bars will have to eaten in emergency situations only. I will ask her if that is because it triggers the desire to eat other sweets. I have found that it can happen with some health food bars.  I stay away from the ones that are too much like candy bars.

This is an interesting experiment. If anyone cares to join us, let me know!

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