Two Weeks into the “No Sugar Zone”

Cindy calls this phase, Level 1 and has done remarkably well. I am in awe because she is a sweet lover extreme! She has allowed herself Chocolate Soy milk and vitamin waters. She is working those out a little more gradually, hence, the term Phase 1.

I, however, have faltered. Yesterday, I left a seminar downtown, with a couple cookies and brownies left over from the lunch they served us. I brought them home for my kids, but, being too hungry, I ate a few bites of the brownie! If I had only followed my rule of being prepared at all times with healthy foods! Also, I was tired and that also makes resolve weak. I also feel my body says, ok–you won’t rest—give me something!

I do not think a few bites of brownies is a terrible thing, but this is an experiment, and I am determined to keep giving this a try. I wonder if women have more trouble with this than a man would?

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