What to Use Instead of Sugar When You Crave Sweets

The sugar deprivation continues… 3 WEEKS!

Things I am using to resist cookies, candy, sweets:

Pineapple is an excellent alternative. Bring it home, let it sit on the counter for a day and cut it up. Have it ready in the refrigerator to munch on when that sweet urge hits! It works for me!

Raisins–excellent replacement for candy.

Cinnamon added to foods, seems to help people to avoid adding sugar–to oatmeal for example. (Recommended by a friend who is a diabetic.)

Any fruits, if you can make yourself go to the fridge and get them, will fulfill a sweet urge.

Chocolate is the toughest, maybe especially for women. I have eaten health food bars with chocolate in them to take care of that urge.

Cindy continues to use diet coke to take care of the sweet urge, BUT vows to eliminate this soon!

1 Response to “What to Use Instead of Sugar When You Crave Sweets”

  1. 1 Chris May 8, 2009 at 8:23 am

    Stevia is a great sugar substitute for coffee, tea, etc., if you don’t want sugar or the very dangerous Splenda and NutraSweet (Equal) (like all the diet sodas have). Plus, stevia does not give you a carbohydrate response, where the pancreas believes you’ve just eaten sugar, even though it hasn’t, and ends up storing fat instead of burning the nonexistent sugar. People: you have GOT to eliminate artificial sweeteners. They are dangerous. Just do a web search on NutraSweet side effects and you’ll soon get the picture. If I accidentally ingest NutraSweet, I actually go into a several-day depression. Some folks get headaches. Many have suffered from brain hemmorhages. This stuff is very bad. Hey: you might as well eat the sugar. It’s much less toxic.

    In addition, it’s been found in research that eating/drinking diet products actually INCREASE, not decrease, your appetite for “real” sweets, so you don’t lose weight, anyway.

    Stevia is a very soluble white powder that can be purchased in many large grocery stores and certainly in any health food store. It’s extremely sweet, so it’s used in very small quantities (1/40th of a teaspoon if you use the pure stuff–like the size of a coffee-stirrer spoon you might get at McDonald’s). Often it’s “cut” with other nonmetabolizable sugars just so you can handle it. You can buy it in packets (I carry some with me when I’m gone for a while and won’t have access to honey, my personal favorite for tea). Or you can buy a small jar and use it in bulk.

    Stevia is a natural plant product, and you can’t go wrong… but it’s not something you can bake with readily, at least not that I’m aware of.

    I’ve found that if you’re craving sweets it’s usually because I have a deficiency in vitamins or minerals. Eating miso soup, or dishes prepared with hijiki or arame sea vegetables, usually puts a halt to these types of cravings for me.

    Hope this is a help. Use stevia or just use sugar sparingly. It isn’t going to hurt you. But my advice is to never, under any circumstance, use artificial sweeteners.

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