It’s Hard to Cut Out Sugar–It’s Everywhere!

Cindy and I continue to be amazed at how many different items sugar is in. It is sneaky.

Cindy has gotten annoyed when people dismiss her efforts. She explains that in order to take her vitamins she uses diet coke. (She has ALWAYS had trouble taking pills, ever since we were little girls–I remember this well!) And of course, there is the soy milk. People then say, with a self-satisfied air, “Well then you aren’t really going without sugar!” RAGE! Cindy wonders if these food police realize how hard it is to avoid sugar! As Cindy says, “It’s everywhere!”

She also would like a medal for a couple recent victories :

1) She did not have any chocolate while PMSing!!!!!!!!!

2) When pressured to order dessert recently to “split” with her dinner companions, she ordered dessert, (to shut them up), and DID NOT eat it! Hurray! Battles won–I think she does deserve a medal! Or even two!

I, however, have given up. I am not overdoing any sugary foods but I admit defeat. I will continue to eat a sensible diet, which I normally do, and let myself have some treats now and then.

This is what I advise my clients, after all. All in moderation.

But, I am totally behind Cindy in her efforts and I think she will feel better and have more energy. Also, I am going to continue to write about her, because I find her entertaining. You go girl!

2 Responses to “It’s Hard to Cut Out Sugar–It’s Everywhere!”

  1. 1 uduzit June 30, 2008 at 8:45 pm

    Sugar is everywhere, but we do need it! We just don’t need as much as most of us choose to ingest.

    I now use as much raw cane sugar as I wish. I eat fruit. Most of my carbohydrates come from rice and bread. The bread is high grain.

    I have kept off 90 lbs, and the problems of Type II diabetes for more than two years.

    Living in Guatemala along the shores of Lake Atitlan, my food arrives in the local market hours after harvest. I now know fresh food by taste, and better understand the affect of “healthy” food on my body.

    Recently, I was in the States for six weeks. I could find little fresh food. Everything in the grocery stores was preserved. The vegetables had been picked before they had any food value.

    It seemed perfectly understandable why people choose to fuel themselves with salt and carbs. Snacks taste better than dead food!

    I have found answers that do put sugar in a natural balance in my life. My choices have been extreme, but the results have been more obvious as a consequence.

    This is a big journey that happens with little steps. Step One is make peace with sugar.

    Get sugar in balance, and many other health issues will naturally fall in to balance in your life.

    Smiles. ET

  2. 2 Joe Average July 1, 2008 at 12:43 am

    I’ll echo, “you go girl!”

    My wife has a sugar intolerance, sugar and its relatives send her into shock, so she has to avoid sugar in all its forms. It’s become a way of life for her, and is no longer hard. She’s in the habit of being very careful, of course, but she doesn’t see it as a hardship. She can make some mean desserts to boot!

    Thanks for the stories. The dessert story is priceless.

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