High Fat vs. Low Fat

The diet debates go on.  In May, The new England Journal of Medicine published the results of a one-year study of 63 people who were randomly assigned either a low carb, high protein diet (Like the Atkins), or a more conventional, low calorie, high carb, low fat, like the Mediterranean diet.  I am not going to discuss the findings here because I don’t think they mean anything anyway.

This is what I think.  People have to stop “dieting.”  I have never felt that any extreme way of eating is good.  It cannot be continued, and the person ends up craving every food they deny themselves.

The most sensible way to eat, is in moderation.  We know we shouldn’t eat fast foods.  But once a week, is not going to kill someone.  We know high fat foods are not good, but having a treat once a week and knowing that it is ok to do so, could save someone from an all-out unhealthy binge.

You absolutely love chocolate?  There are ways to work a little bit  at a time into a healthy diet.  Like to snack?—there are low fat substitutes to replace chips and cheese.

Of course, it is hard to break habits and it can be difficult to start eating fruit and vegetables if you are not used to those.  But it can be done.  You add one  fruit or veggie a day until it becomes a habit.  Little by little, you can replace bad habits with good ones. You replace one soda a day with water.  Once you get the hang of that, you try for more–little baby steps to make big changes.

And as the weight comes off, it will stay off, because there will be no “going off the diet“—you’ve created a new way of livng!

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