Autumn and Comfort Foods

This is such a great time of year to get outside and see a whole new side of nature.  I love the air already getting a little crisper, and even though I will miss hot weather, the change is nice.

This is a good time of year for cooking and thinking about comfort food.  We can make some changes and have our comfort food be less “dangerous” for us.  Everyone likes warm foods as the weather gets chilly, but we forget that soups, and warm dishes don’t have to be loaded up with butter and fats that comfort for a short while, then cease to, when the jeans don’t fit!

Think about homemade soups with a tomato base and a whole lot of vegetables.  Make some on the weekend and have it waiting for you all week when you get home.  A baked potato can be a welcome warm item, as long as you don’t load up with too many extras.

Make your own spaghetti sauce and try some whole wheat pasta.  Try some different breads and eat them slowly and mindfully.  Truly enjoy one piece of warm bread and savor it.  You will find you don’t have to eat as much if you truly try to enjoy what you are eating.

Warm apple cider or some wonderful tea can comfort just as much as apple pie if you truly savor the flavors and aroma.  Take your time and think about what you really want.  It doesn’t have to be fattening to be comforting!

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