Diets Don’t Work!

First of all I don’t think diets work.  You are setting yourself up for disaster when you settle on an eating plan that limits the kinds of foods you can eat to only a few categories.

Eating should be fun and nourishing and not boring.  That being said, we do have to control ourselves sometimes with the amounts, and the foods we eat.  We cannot eat everything we want to, but there are ways of working fun stuff into a healthy diet.

Being realistic is how you will lose weight, and how you will maintain a healthy weight for life.

We know we have to eat less, and exercise more.  That’s a fact.  We know we have to limit our amounts sometimes, but we need to realize that it is ok to have treats once in awhile, and here’s the important point–truly enjoy the treats!

I believe that we can eat foods we like within moderation and teach ourselves the habit of eating healthy foods.  We can develop the habit just like any other habit, of choosing healthier alternatives, cutting down on portions, and limiting sweets and treats to a couple times a week.

When you allow yourself to enjoy some treats, you eliminate the certainty that it is just a matter of time before you binge.

I work with clients on this stuff all the time, and it works.  Being realistic, watching portions, planning ahead for special treats—these are some of the ways that you will never have to diet again!

1 Response to “Diets Don’t Work!”

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