Time Waster: Food Preparation

Wouldn’t you love to have more time? Here is an idea how to make time in your day without adding more work! I will add four more tips in upcoming blogs!

Time Waster: Trying to decide what to eat when you are in a hurry, already hungry and you have other people to feed. Planning ahead can make the whole food hassle easier. Many times, we have no time to fix dinner because we are running around like nuts to the next activity, meeting or practice. A lot of wasted time can be avoided with some simple preparation.

  • Planning ahead for the shopping and the food prep creates hours of time a week. Once a week, make your list and at the same time, plan dinners and lunches so that you make sure the needed items are on the list. This will give you huge amounts of time later in the week.
  • Keep a grocery list on the refrigerator where everyone in the family can write down items as they notice supplies running low. A good idea is to have a standard list of necessities you buy every week. Run off copies, leaving spaces to fill in other items. (These can be grouped the way the grocery store is set up so you can follow your list with minimum backtracking.) If you hate shopping, take turns with your partner/spouse, or hire someone to do it (If this is not possible, make it as efficient as possible so it takes the minimum of your time.)
  • An extra person helping with just a few tasks in the kitchen can make the preparation time so much shorter! Even a young child can help with setting the table and as they get older they can be your “assistant,” and get out pots and pans. Older children can take one turn a week to make dinner. Don’t be too picky about what they fix. Soup and sandwiches can be a great meal if someone else prepares it and it gives you time to sit together as a family. As children grow into this responsibility, they will start planning ahead and helping with the grocery list. If meals are ready to be made, you will find you are not stopping to grab fast food which is so unhealthy and a money waster to boot. •
  • Keep fresh food in the house already washed and ready to go. Make lunches the night before, for you and your children.
  • Keep food in your car, so you always have something handy in times of delays and long appointments. You can keep meal replacement bars, a can of nuts, water, and other healthy snacks handy in your car if you plan ahead. You won’t get hungry and feel the urge to stop by your local fast food joint. Think about the time and money saved!
  • Try to find recipes to double and freeze. If you are going to put in the work and the time, double what you do. Freeze half and you have created extra time in your life. (How nice would it be to open your freezer in the morning, transfer the evening meal to your refrigerator, and let it defrost while you are working?)
  • When you make a salad, make enough to have for the next day’s lunch. Instant healthy lunch—no prep time in the morning!

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