No Sugar…sorry, less sugar

I will use Cindy’s exact words today.  I asked her for an update on the sugar and this is the letter I received:

After my ranting about people not taking me seriously – boo hoo – I realized that I do need to make additional changes.  I want to look at glycemic levels.  But, that being said, I will still eat fruit and the Trio bars for that sweet taste.  I guess “the people” are going to keep me honest.  Things I am still eating/drinking that are sweet – chocolate soy milk, diet coke, protein bars and the Teavana brown sugar crystals in my hot tea.  For some reason I am fine with no sweetener in the iced tea.  Although it is tasty when it is in there.  🙂  Teavana put it in my last iced tea.  Hee hee.  Oh, and the occasional Red Bull, but I found a new energy drink that I have to compare ingredient-wise.

OK – I need reasons to not drink Diet Coke.  Man, it is a monkey on my back.  Maybe your readers can help me with reasons.  Keep in mind that while health is important to me, vanity will always be a powerful influence.  These are the reasons that your daughters and I came up with:

1.) Turns teeth yellow – temporarily??
2.) Bone loss – I will lose height.  (which will KILL me)
3.) Weight gain – even if it is diet it will increase the taste for sweets.
4.) Artificial sweeteners are poison
5.) Caffeine crash
6.) Ruins thirst for water
7.) Bottle return (Michigan annoyance)
8.) Guilt

I think I need to post these at my house and office.

Maybe I should just always have iced tea available.  I can brew it at home by the half gallon.

But, seriously, for a gal who would buy the LARGE Cadbury fruit and nut chocolate bars I am doing pretty damn good.

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